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History of McKinney Memorial UMC

McKinney Memorial UMCIn 1919 in the home of the late Rev. Sandy Williams, located on Highway 75 (now I-45) in La Marque, Texas, a group of 12 members organized the Highland Chapel Methodist Church. This was the birth of what today is known as McKinney Memorial United Methodist Church some 95 years later. Under the leadership of REV. A.D. RUNNELS IN 1921, the faithful members bought a lot from Ambros Kelsey on the corner of Nashby and Albert streets. This is where the church found its first physical home.

During the tenure of the REV. VAN H. MCKINNEY, the church began a building fund that grew to $500.00. REV. L.B. ALLEN came to serve the members of Highland Chapel in 1925. It was during his pastorate that the name of the church was changed to McKinney Memorial Methodist Church as a tribute to the late Rev. Van H. McKinney. From 1947 to 1955 the building fund was reactivated and grew to over $17, 000 under the leadership of REV. E.T. ALBUNDY and REV. JAMES PERRYMAN

The REV. T.L. LONG was called to pastor McKinney in 1956. During this time financial arrangements were made; a clear title to the property on the corner of Nashby and Albert streets was secured and building materials were purchased in excess of $5,380.00. The church we proudly occupy today was erected under Rev. Long’s tenure as a place of worship as well as a monument to the religious faith of all those who financial and other contributions made the structure a reality. Rev. Long served as pastor until his untimely death in 1964. The fellowship hall is named in his honor.

Over the next 40 or so years, the church had several wonderful leaders that contributed greatly to the continuing growth of the church and spiritual development of its members. REV. ROBERT E. JONES FELDER served the church twice as pastor. Under his first tour membership grew, the first parsonage was bought and McKinney became a pivotal hub of community development. During his second tenure from 2000 – 2004, he implemented the plans and erected a multi-purpose center. REV. NATHANIEL HUMPHREY served McKinney well from 1978 – 1991. The church acquired the half interest in the property adjacent to the church, the mortgage was burned and the church interior was repaired. REV. ROBERT JACKSON became the pastor 1991. The church saw continued membership growth and the purchase of the property for the parking lot. The parking lot was completed in 1994 and paid in full with cash.

Upon retirement of Rev. Felder in 2004, DR. JANICE GILBERT assumed leadership of the church. She saw the completion of the multi-purpose center, renovation of the sanctuary and the installation of a new sound system and other technological improvements. Under the leadership of Dr. Gilbert, the church continued to grow multi-generationally by 82%. Dr. Gilbert served McKinney until February 2013.

In February, 2013 we were graced with the presence of REV. HOMER WILLIAMS, a retired, but dynamic Minister from Blue Ridge U.M.C. in Houston, TX. He served as Interim Pastor of McKinney until our newly appointed elder; REV. CARLOS R. PHILLIPS came in May 2013.

Rev. Phillips is helping the congregation stay fixed and focused on Jesus. He has formed a strategic planning committee to keep McKinney viable for years to come. Through spiritual guidance, he is leading the church to meet the needs of the community through Christian Discipleship, education and service.

We endorse this church history as a tribute in the spirit of our longevity with hopes of continued success in our endeavors, in celebration of our faith and love of our church, with reverence to GOD.


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