Tuesday, Jan 23, 2018


Detours to Your Destiny

A Faith Journey with Joseph

Joseph, the eleventh son of Jacob was his father’s favorite.  This brought hatred from his brothers and Joseph made this hatred worse by telling them his dreams.  This hatred led the brothers to contemplating his demise.  So Joseph’s journey took him from the well, to slavery, to jail and then to the palace in Egypt.  During this journey of trails and tribulations, life’s detours, Joseph remained faithful.  We all face bad things in our life, things that detour us from our destiny, but this doesn’t have to be the final word.  Joseph’s example to remain faithful, knowing God is always with you and to believe that what man may do as evil against you, God may have meant if for good to place you where He wants you to be. 

Over the following weeks come hear about Joseph’s faithful journey and how you can change your perspective about the detours in your life.


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